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Digital binocular is widely used nowadays. Before choosing one you need to know the purposes for which it is used. Binocular with camera is able to give great pleasure to nature lovers, giving the opportunity to observe birds and animals at the distance. Smart binocular is an indispensable thing for hiking, fishing, hunting, sports competition.

Binocular features and principle of work

Binoculars have different optic design. There are two types of relay systems of prisms:

  1. The simpler and more popular one is when prisms are arranged so that the eyepiece and lens axis is not on the same system line.
  2. The second type is when eyepiece and prisms are placed in a line, which makes the design of such binoculars more compact.

There are devices with the long focus converging lens and an eyepiece - diverging lens. The relation between the focal length of the lens to the eyepiece creates increase of the binocular.

While observing through binocular the light reflecting from the lens passes through it, forming an inverted image. Distinct features of the object can be seen through the binocular prisms inverting the image.

Most types are available in rubber covering with the aim to protect optic from mechanical damage.

What requirements should birding binocular meet?

Birders and those who like just observing birds have many requirements to the binocular:

  • They should be light enough to be carried all day, and sturdy to withstand years of operation.
  • They should be designed in such a way that they can be easily held straight.
  • They should to catch every little detail and reproduce colors accurately.
  • They should to focus good and fast and work well in dim lighting.
  • They should not be affected by dust or humidity.

In addition, they need to fully transmit the image even for those who wear glasses.

Models of binocular for hunting

If you would like to use hunting binocular, then it is necessary to choose the waterproof with high-quality housing. For the hunter one of the most important parameters is the possibility of a good approximation, so the recommended model’s magnification should be 10-12. As it is often necessary to use the binocular in low light conditions, the lens must be within 42-60. Night vision binoculars are the godsend for any hunter. The weight of the binocular should be taken into account.

More optics for hunting: https://www.atncorp.com/



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